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Hi welcome to my blog.

I am Jess but you may call me Jessy. The above photo is one of my many beautiful model-poses. hehe. Basically, this blog won't be used at all... but you can check my blog out at this address;

and if you want to know more about me, you can check out my personal collective website which includes a bit of a testimony and more.

I am a 25 yr old Catholic girl who hails originally from Sydney, Australia and moved to “regional” Victoria around three years ago. I have the biggest heart for Christ and am looking to make as many friends in Christ as possible. I am looking to bring other’s to God Almighty through the Holy Spirit pouring in to my heart and overflowing for by-standers to witness.

Additionally, I like the elderly and children and spend a fair bit of time with both. I love my family and friends. I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life… I love all really bad music (and also really good music). Cheesy pop-star-turn-actress movies, I love to learn and read about everything and I also really like lego (Lets be fair, everybody needs an eccentric gimmick). I like people with good senses of humor, wit and cleverness. I like to write and aspire to be a real writer. I love attending concerts — which will probably be something I will never tire of or grow out of. I have plenty of indulgences I could do with out — such as ebay, the internet in general and shopping.

I find it hard not to be disgusted by so many secular things. I hate sexualisation in the media, I hate reading about celebrities as if their lifestyles are to be glorified and are newsworthy. I am tired of seeing people cling to the lies that the media have told them about freedom, money, sex and more — and furthermore I hate the fact that society accepts these lies and passes them off as truths.

Recently I have spent a lot of time soul-searching as to what the purpose is of my life, I have prayed and asked God to reveal it to me, to allow me to make the right decisions and to do only what is in His will, not what is my own… and I came to the solution that despite what jobs come and go, my destiny is to fuel my passion and zeal by trying my best to help turn hearts to God through my knowledge and understanding of The Holy Catholic Church. It is to answer questions, to make people ask questions and to live the best life that I can for Christ. I will try to use this blog as part of my way of reaching people — I will use my writing skills, my knowledge of web design to make websites to shout out Jesus’ praises from the highest boughs of the internet — and through communication, my own faith and my own learning, I hope to help anyone who is searching…

I have a deep compassion for the unborn. I am naturally a pro-life supporter and I feel like it is also my job to share and educate those who aren’t enlightened about the tragedy that is abortion, that takes place thousands of times on a daily basis, and therefore I ask continually for people to pray with me for Mother’s to find the Truth behind the gift of conception and life.

I am not here to judge, I am only here to love and to serve Christ and serve other’s as Christ would have wanted. I am not perfect and will never claim to be. I sin, I fall short, I fall down and sometimes it is really hard to get back up and turn back to God and apologise, but I truly believe that the important thing is how we use those experiences to further ourselves and advance ourselves closer to God’s grace.

My heroes include: Jesus Christ, Pope John Paul II and our most blessed Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI and predictably my Dad. I look up and am inspired by anyone of whom truly do their best to follow a Christ-like existence.

Please feel free to contact me at any time about any single thing.

“A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings. You, the people must gift it this soul.”
- Pope John Paul II

God Bless,

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